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What's Your Story? We Want To Know so please share...

Numerous individuals have found the hope that they needed by simply sharing their story with us on our website  Sharing is Caring about not only your journey but what someone else may be going through. 

By focusing our marketing on life threatening diseases and social issues, we hope to make a positive impact on people‚Äôs lives. 

Please feel free to add your testimony, you have no idea just "who" you may touch. 

My Personal Testimony

March is Lympedema Awareness Month and I want to share my personal testimony with you. I am a survivor who has been hiding this disease for over 50 years, I have lympedema and I am a 50 + year survivor. I want to come clean about this issue that changed my life when I was 14 years old. I don't think I would have told my story had I not seen Kathy Bates on the Dr. Phil Show sharing her story that she too was a lympedema survivor. I love her as an actress and I love her even more knowing we share this dreadful disease that causes so much "misery". When I turned 14 my left ankle began to swell "out of the blue". My mom took me to a vascular surgeon who specialized in lymphedema. He took me under his wing and worked tirelessly to research the cause. He fitted me with a compression stocking. I was given a compression pump to use at home. I took water pills to reduce the fluid retention, stopped eating anything salty and I slept with my leg elevated at night. All to no avail. Nothing worked. So I accepted my condition as my new normal and began hiding my legs. Never wearing dresses, no matter what the occasion. When I turned 50 my right leg began to swell and then last year lymphedema reared it's ugly head in my left hand. I can't hide my hand so I must let go of the secret I've kept for over 50 years. I have lymphedema and I am a survivor. The blessing is it does not cause me any pain. I have learned to live with it. I don't let lymphedema define me or stop me from living my best life now. #nothidinglymphedema

-Pamela O'Neal, President,  Lymphedema Survivor

As a breast cancer survivor I am so pleased that has designed unique products for scrapbooking. I am a scrapbooking enthusiast and love making pages that reflect my journey". These pages serve as a reminder of how grateful I am that I had my annual mammogram. It saved my life.

- Alice Trimble, Breast Cancer Survivor